About Beanie Brigade

We do live music.

Beanie Brigade started with two friends who have a mutual love of music and the ambition to do something crazy with their lives. Combining more than a decade of industry experience and know-how, Kevin and Michael sat down and decided to put their skills to work. Kevin handles all the booking & day of show logistics while Michael is in charge of the backend & marketing.

Every show either of them has ever been a part of - they've lost count - has been leading up to this new adventure. Through all the ups and down faced, there has always been one thing that has been painstakingly clear: music is the driving force for everything Kevin and Michael hold near and dear to their hearts.

A couple months into its inception Beanie Brigade was lucky enough to be joined by another set of like minded renegades, Nick Hayman & Chad Briggs. Both gentlemen have been an integral part of working on every show we’ve had since they started whether it’s been as a street team leader or a local band liaison & without them we’re quite sure we wouldn’t have been able to pull off the feats we have.

We focus on smaller to mid-range touring bands, while slowly taking on bigger packages as we expand. Our philosophy is that in helping these bands who would normally have a day off with a huge chunk of highway between stops then they’ll return the favor in kind by remembering us when they make it big. We strive to make bands feel like they’re playing a show from the comfort of their own home by providing a home cooked meal & a place to crash for the evening if they so desire. At the end of the day, all we want to do is grow. Not only grow ourselves, but our scene as well as help any & every band we can grow into what we know they can become.

The Brigadiers

Kevin Caldwell

Founder, Booking

Unintentionally Awkward // Vanilla Coke Lover // Vinyl Record & Indie Film Enthusiast // Wannabe Media Mogul

Michael Halstead

Founder, Backend

Concert Junkie & Music Collector // Classic Film Enthusiast // Self-Proclaimed Geek // Coffee Addict

Nick Hayman

Street Team Manager

Straight Edge // Music // Magic: The Gathering

Chad Briggs

Street Team, Local Liaison, Photography

Eaden Ballroom // Photography // Star Wars